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Long-haired Cats

  • Birman
  • Persian
  • Himalayan
  • Ragdoll
  • Maine Coon

Long-haired cats require a lot of grooming as they have a coat of fur with long hair. Long hair attracts debris more and gets tangled quickly. Plus there could be a chance of getting fleas in them. Therefore it is essential to look after the long-haired feline regularly.

Tools: long toothed fine hair brush, hair massage oil to pets, trimmers and clippers, massaging lotion.

Tips: Long hair cats should be groomed every day or even twice a day as the long hair requires a lot of care. Use a right amount of oil before massaging and make sure the oil reaches the hair root. Start grooming your long-haired cat in early age, so it becomes his habit. Use a brush with long teeth to ensure thorough brushing and massaging. Brush in the direction of fur and be gentle in it. Look out for any flea or injury in the hair carefully.

Short-Haired Cats

  • American Shorthair
  • Bombay
  • Burmese
  • Cornish Rex

Grooming your feline from time to time is essential not only to keep it clean and healthy but also to bond and interact with it. Grooming short-haired cat is natural. You can do it once a week to keep it healthy and beautiful.

Tools: Furminator, self-cleaning safari brush, grooming glove, shedder brush, clipper and trimmer duo, massaging lotion for pets, nail clippers, hair trimmers, rubbing lotion.

Tips: finely toothed brushes suit short haired cats well. While grooming your cat, pay attention to its body to notice and address any health issues occurring there. For a happy grooming session offer your cat some treats to lift its mood. Start grooming your cat when it’s young, so it gets used to grooming in early age. Always brush in the direction of the fur. Be gentle while brushing and try to soothe your cat with it.

Bathing a Cat?

Although cats are extremely cleanliness loving animals, and they believe in self-grooming, but from time to time you need to get them a bath. Before you set to bath your cat here is a list of things you are going to need for it.

Tools: A cat handler (preferably a friend or family member who loves cats and knows how to handle them), pet shampoo, towel, rubber gloves, treats for the after bath mood lifting of your beauty.

Tips: take a large bowl or a bathing tub and fill it with lukewarm water or use a light water spray. Now bring the pet shampoo and apply it according to directions. Make beautiful leather and avoid eyes of the cat, soon rinse the lather off the cat with lukewarm water and put it on the towels. Offer it the treats to lift its mood up.

Trimming Claws

Cutting your cat’s claws from time to time is necessary so that they could not injure themselves, scratch you, attack some family member or demolish your furniture. Here are the tools and tips you will require to clip the claws of your cat.

Tools: clippers (you will find several tools all meant to clip so choose whichever you like), styptic pencils, a dish to collect clipped nails, moisturizing lotion.

Tips: when you set off to clip the nails of your cat, make sure to calm it down before clipping. Offer it a few treats and cuddle it to lighten up its mood. Hold its paws in your hands softly and gently bring the Clippers close. If the nails are too hard, try to use a relatively sharp clipper to avoid getting frustrated. If the cat does not agree with sitting up for clipping, let it relax for a while and then start later on.

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