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Keeping Your Cat Happy & Healthy

Laser Pointer

No matter how lazy your cat may seem, laser pointers are almost sure to get them up and active. While many cats will lose interest after they realize there’s nothing tangible to obtain from chasing the light, it’s best to use this activity sparingly. Usually about 5 – 10 minutes a day is ideal. Remember not to shine the laser in their eyes.

Vertical Space

Be sure your home is designed to be cat friendly. Does this mean you need to remodel your home around your cat? No, that’s not the case at all. Simply having areas where your cat is free to climb and jump onto is good enough. This could be something as simple as a shelf, table, window sill, cat tree, etc. You can’t always be around to entertain your feline friend, providing them with ways to entertain themselves is key.

Plenty of Toys

Cats tend to be more to themselves than dogs. Because of this you will want to give your cat plenty of toys to entertain themselves with. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune here with us on My Cozy Pet or any other pet store for that matter. You likely have at least a dozen things around your house right now that your cat would find entertaining. Look around. Items such as waded up pipe cleaners, ping pong balls, yarn balls, balled up sock, toilet paper roll, an old computer mouse, etc. etc.  

Bathtub Ping Pong

This works great if you have kittens or just for one cat. We all know kittens require a great deal of attention and have even more energy to burn. There’s no end to the amount of exercise and fun they will have with a ping-pong ball and your bathtub. This is no only fun for them, but its pretty hilarious for you as a spectator. If you have a large cat you can also create a “hockey rink” with cardboard boxes. Simply take a few large boxes and stitch them together till you’re happy with the size of the play area.
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