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Tug of war

  • Rough-housing +
  • Establishing bonds +
  • Positive reinforcement +

Most people say that the tug of war is a dangerous game for dogs, which is right to some extent as it this game goes too far, it could result in some accident. However, when played with care and intelligence, it could be a great game to teach your dog how to control itself especially in the times when it is pleased.

These are the rules to follow while playing a safe tug of war game with your dog.

  • Never let your dog start the game, you must be the one who initiates the play as this game is all about teaching control to the dog
  • Play only at that time when the dog is ready for you. You must be in control of the game.
  • If the dog shows its teeth to you or does not seem willing to leave the toy, you should call the game off.


  • Exercise +
  • Establishing bonds +
  • Instilling discipline +

Fetch is another dog game that can teach it a lot of self-control. If played with some rules, this entirely physical activity could turn into a mental exercise and learning game for your dog. As we do not wish our dogs only to bring the ball back or bark in response, we love to give a mental challenge to them as well.

Here are some useful rules for training your dog for a fetch.

  • Make use of commands during all the steps of fetch. Do not let your dog play on its own or run after the ball just when you release it. First throw the ball, then wait and then command the dog with an OK or a Signal.
  • Teach the dog to do the wait with patience, for this purpose, gradually increase the duration of wait period between throw and go command.


Take your dog out

  • Enjoyment +
  • Educating +
  • Establishing bonds +

Taking your dog out on some special trip like camping or traveling could be a dream come true for your dog. You are going to be amazed by its response and happiness, which, in turn, is shifted to you. But taking the dog out for the first time could be tricky, so you must abide by these rules to stay out of harm.

  • Allow your dog regular short breaks during travel for bathroom and exercise necessities.
  • Take the dog’s stuff such as bed or blanket along to make him feel comfortable.
  • Always reassure your dog for his safety and security by patting and loving him.
  • If you have to leave your dog in the car for some reason, make sure that the food and ventilation are adequate.
  • Ticks and fleas could be a challenge for your dog so take your sprays and meds for it along.

Food Puzzle Toys

  • Problem solving +
  • Patience +
  • Independence +

Dogs make the great pet, but at times, when they are bored, they could get irritable and annoying. They could start chewing on furniture or shrubbery as they have an excess energy that they should utilize. Toys, especially the food puzzle toys could be an excellent, engaging activity for them. For the food puzzle toys, the dogs have to solve the particular puzzle to get food treats. Here are some rules for it.

  • Do not allow your dog to play with one puzzle toy all the time, make cycles for the repetition of offering toys to it.
  • I the dog starts getting stubborn just to get the toy, do not get offended, first, let him play and then teach.
  • Use the intervals between the winning treats to educate the dog about being obedient. It would help the dog learn how to sit, play, etc. on your command.

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