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The bulldog gets its name…

This comes from the fact that it was initially used to take the cattle to the market and later it was in use in a bloody game known as bull baiting. With a relatively angry face and many folds of skin on the front, the bulldog might seem an unfriendly and aggressive dog breed, however, on the contrary, they make fantastic pets and are quite cuddly. They have a thick muscular body and are average height. All they like to do is to sneak a sofa and nap on it all day. Although the bulldog is a very docile and loving natured dog, they usually search for solitude and enjoy their own company. They are always willing to please their owners and never give up on being loyal. The unusual physical appearance of this dog calls for some health issues so you will have to take good care of him if you wish to have him as a pet.

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Date : 01 Feb 2017

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