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Dachshund finds its origin and its name from Germany.

Dachshund in the German language means Badger Hunter. It is an unusual breed of dogs that have very tiny legs and a long, broad body. Due to their short legs, they were initially used to scent, chase and bring back the badgers and other animals that fall into the category of burrow dwellers. Even smaller Dachshunds were used to chase rabbits too. Today this magnificent dog is seen as a significant family companion, ramping at the dog shows and used as a retriever for small hunt games. This breed comes in a variety of hair types and colors that make them look beautiful and healthy at the same time. This dog to is known for its loyalty and faithfulness to humans. These dogs have very playful nature, and they love to chase down tennis balls, and also for dog games and activities in shows.

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Date : 01 Feb 2017

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