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German Shepard

As the name tells, the German Shephard dog belongs to Germany

This is where originally it was used as a Shepard dog to care and protect the flocks. It belongs to the herding group of dog breeds and has a very versatile personality. Whatever you train this dog to do, it will do and with excellence as well. These dogs range from medium to large sized ones and are one of the most favorite dog breeds in America. They are known as Alsatian in some parts of Britain as well. The origin of this dog does not go long in the history as it is known to have originated in Germany in around 1899. They make excellent drug detectors and our favorite breed of dog for the law enforcement. They are one of the highly loyal and hardworking dog breeds. Having a long body, the German Shephard is always ready to do the job, and they have a very active lifestyle.

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Date : 01 Feb 2017

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