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Labrador Retriever

This breed of dog is the most popular kind of dog in America and United Kingdom both.

The Labrador retriever in the old days was known to be a fisherman’s helper as it used to throw nets, fetch ropes and retrieve fish for the owner. Since then it is known as a useful and friendly working dog which is equally good natured and hard working. Till today, this dog breed is helping humanity in many ways every day where they are seen working hard to assist the hunters, providing services as a rescue and search dog for law enforcement organizations, appearing in pet show competitions and several others. In various countries, the Labrador retriever is specially trained to help the blind and other disabled people. They are used for the protection of sheep as a Shepard dog as well. They make great pets, and they like to stay bonded with their own families.

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Date : 01 Feb 2017

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