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The Persian cat is a long-haired, furry cat

They are known for their large expressive eyes, have a short muzzle and is known for its sweetness and beauty. The Persian cat, as the name indicates, was originated from Iran which was formerly called Persia. In Iran, this cat is called Shirazi. A traveler back in 1620 brought Persian cat to Italy, Europe where it became a rapid fame, and they started breeding it in several colors too. The Persian cats do not easily trust everyone, and they like to live with an air of superiority. They want to sit and nap in the owner’s lap or to play around with the kids gently. They are docile and soft, and they like to be treated softly as well. The Persian cats want to stay in quiet and secure homes, and they do not welcome loud noises or sudden changes.

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Date : 07 Feb 2017

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