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Double sided pet LED flash luminous dog collar traction rope S


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The collar is 3 light emitting modes can be achieved by pressing the switch yo slow flash flash lit very funny personality is also veryUnder normal circumstances, the luminous time of 60 hours or so can not turn off the power supplyThe worst thing is to buy a dog collar dog can’t take back so on size is the most important thing parents can take a good amount of tape around the dogs neck length.The collar size corresponding to the specific as follows (very important pro to see yo)S: width 2.5cm range 30-40cm less than 30cm can cut DIY;M: the width of the 2.5cm range 38-50cm less than 50cm can cut DIY;L: width 2.5cm range 48-60cm less than 60cm can cut DIY ;
Product Content:
1 x Necklet

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