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random color delivery footprint Ball Dog footprint wearable bite dog molar toy pet toy diameter 6cm


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Product Description

[name] color spherical rubber pet toys, pet toy ball footprints[Specification] diameter of about 6CM[material] color non-toxic rubber[packaging] single PP transparent bag packaging[color] random color[weight] 35g,Super good interactive entertainment toysYour dog and interactive entertainment will improve you and their feelings, try the following several ways of this invention trainer:1 fetch:Use two toys, let the dog sit, throw out the first toy orders the dog to take, and give him another toy and ordered him to put down the first, repeat the above steps2 release dog’s separation anxiety:The dog on the separation and master fear may cause psychological problems of poor dog. The dog will produce excessive barking, defecate, destroying things, or extremely active, or depressed and other performance. After you leave the dog trainer who will be extremely depressed. This issue recommended corresponding strategy is simple and effective: slowly the dog used to be alone. He let alone a little at the beginning, and then slowly lengthen the time. During your leave, you are very necessary for the dog to leave a toy to decompose his sadness, transfer his anxiety, let him forget you not around in panic.3 reduce dog damage to furniture and other facilities at home4 the occurrence of toys, when the dog takes the title will sound, will cause the curiosity of the dog
Product Content:
1 x Sounding toy

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